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Tecnotelai manufactures a wide range of lockers, available in various collections and models. The variety of sizes is wide and allows conforming the lockers in all size of environments.
The lockers manufactured by Tecnotelai can be improved with many accessorizes and can be customized, thanks to the possibility to offer different colours for the doors.
The most principal sectors of interest to employ the lockers are metalware stores, hardware stores, retailers, industrial companies, manufacturing companies and warehouses.

Models of lockers

Tecnotelai offers a complete range of lockers, ensuring a high level of reliability and suggesting many arrangements to organize the space as best.
It is possible to accessorize the lockers with multiple elements, as benches, sloping anti-dust roofs and more; furthermore we can customize the lockers with many colours, making them particularly adaptable.

  • Lockers Giotto
    Lockers Giotto are made of cold pressed first grade steel, thickness 10/10.
    In addition to the standard colour, the doors of lockers Giotto are available in four colours: blue RAL 5010, green RAL 6018, yellow RAL 1004 and red RAL 3000. The different choices of available colours can be suited to combine different settlements that make the space lively and nice. Each compartment is equipped with tubular hanger and two hooks for towels.
    The body of these lockers is fitted with holes in the side for mounting in line. The doors are reinforced with a hollow cavity for closing.
    In addition to the standard equipment, lockers Giotto can be accessorized with additional shelves and tubular hangers.

  • Lockers Orazio
    Lockers Orazio are made of cold pressed first grade steel, thickness 6-7/10.
    The doors and the body of lockers Orazio are available in standard colour RAL 7038, however the doors can be made in other colours upon request with surcharge.
    Each compartment with 330 mm depth is equipped with a hat rack, 1 plastic tubular rail and 1 hook for towels. Each compartment with 500 mm depth is equipped with a hat rack, 1 plastic tubular rail and 2 hooks for towels. The doors of lockers Orazio are reinforced and with convenient ventilation slots. They are available with depth mm. 330 and 500; the width of locker changes in depth from mm 330 to 400 with partition to divide work clothes from personal clothes.

  • Lockers “Classico”
    The line Classico consists of lockers with one-piece structure, made of cold pressed first grade steel, thickness 6-7/10.
    Lockers Classico are available in different models: in addition to a standard structure with flanked compartments. You can have lockers with overlapping compartments or pigeonhole message boxes, multipurpose lockers with adjustable shelves or linen cabinets with ten compartments each independent opening with pitched anti-dust roof.

  • Lockers with benches
    Lockers line with benches is made with an upper structure with the same characteristics of line Classico. The lockers don’t have feet and are fixed on the support. The bench of locker has a disassembled structure with a “U” profile with transverse shoe racks. The seat is made of 4 wooden slats of walnut Bahia, treated with water-resistant transparent paint finish. The lockers are available with or without partition, in two or three compartments.

  • Lockers inox AISI 304
    This line includes lockers made of first grade stainless steel AISI 304 thickness 8/10. The type of steel used is first grade ferritic satin finish SB and corrosion resistant. The feet of locker inox are adjustable. Pitched anti-dust roof structure. In line of lockers inox 304, the locks have a key with handle. Each locker inox can be equipped with a central partition to separate clean/dirty or simply work clothes from personal clothes. Each compartment is equipped with tubular hanger, hat rack, 4 hooks for towels, ring and umbrella tray. Lockers inox are particularly suitable for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

  • Lockers inox AISI 441
    Lockers inox 441 thickness 8/10 are made of first grade austenitic stainless steel, with a satin finish SB and corrosion resistant. The structure and characteristics of these lockers are the same of the line inox 304: additional shelves, partitions to separate dirty/clean, adjustable feet, etc…
    Also in this case the sectors are food. Pharmaceutical and chemical, in conformity with the instructions of the decree n. 215 dated 10th December 2008.