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Metal furnishings

Metal furnishings

Tecnotelai produces a complete range of metal furniture for storage, specifically studied to obtain the best outcome to organize better the management of working spaces.
The metal furnishings, made by Tecnotelai, guarantee an ideal accessibility in every environment, thanks to the different models of doors. Moreover, there is a wide choice for dimensions and colours, therefore the metal furniture can be easily adapted to the prior office.
The metal archive line includes different kind of furnishings for different types of office, customisable in layout, materials and finishes.

Types of metal furnishings

Tecnotelai wants to give its customers all the possible solutions to use their working space, therefore it offers a complete line of metal furniture, to store documents, drawings, books and to keep an organized and tidy environment.
The metal storage line includes:

  • Metal bookcase units
    The metal furnishing bookcase have customisable materials, colours and finishes.
    These metal furnishings are made from cold-rolled steel sheets and lacquered with thermosetting epoxy powder paint. The metal frame of the furnishing is double-sided and allows the customer to choose the doors and the rear. In this way the metal furnishing bookcase can be placed at the centre of a room to separate two spaces, with an elegant, modern and functional touch. Even the finish of these metal furnishings is customizable and it is available in three colour variants: embossed silver, white and glossy black. The metal bookshelves are available in different layouts and dimensions and are fitted with sheet metal, glass or wood-grain laminate doors. In any case, the doors of the metal furniture are fitted with quick coupling/uncoupling internal hinges that open to 110°.

  • The metal cabinets
    The metal furnishing cabinets are made of metal sheet, rounded edges with a radius curvature of 8 mm and oven coated with thermoset epoxy powder. The doors of the metal furnishing can be metal hinged doors, metal or framed toughened glass sliding doors, or tambour doors of rigid PVC light grey colour. The metal cabinets for office are fitted with internal movable shelves and accessorised with suspended folders.

  • Metal filing cabinets
    The filing cabinets are metal furnishings with 10 or 20 boxes, available in different types and dimensions. The structure and the top of this metal furniture are of first grade steel, rounded edges with a radius curvature of 8mm., coated with thermoset epoxy powder. The filing cabinets have a single lock for the closure of each box and joint lock for the simultaneous closing of all the boxes.

  • Metal classifier filing cabinets
    The classifier filing cabinets are metal archive furnishings made of steel, rounded edges and oven coated with epoxy thermosetting. The dimensions of these metal furnishings vary according to the number of the drawers that can be two, three or four. Another choice is the colour of the furniture that can be charcoal, silver or light grey. The drawers of the metal classifier filing furnishings slide in telescopic rails with ball bearings and anti-tilt device. The lock simultaneously locks all of the drawers.

  • Metal drawings holders
    The drawing holders made by Tecnotelai are metal furnishings suitable for storing sheets format UNI A0. There are different types of drawing holders according to the number and the kind of the drawers. These metal furnishings are available in three versions: horizontal, modular horizontal and vertical. In the first two cases, the drawers of the metal furnishing run on sturdy metal guides with anti-noise bearings. Each model is fitted with an anti-tilt device and a block lock. In the vertical drawing holders they are suitable for storing up to 1000/2000 sheet formats between UNI A0 and UNI A4 or outside the standard format. These two versions of metal furnishings have both a first grade steel structure.