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Metal shelving systems

Metal shelving systems

Metal shelving systems manufactured by Tecnotelai consist of pallet racks, cantilever and tyre racks in addition to interlocking and food shelves.
Metal shelves comply with each location and are completely modular.
Customers can find the best solution in the wide range of light metal shelves, intermediate metal shelves, heavy metal shelves and more specific arrangements as pallet racks and cantilever according to the capacity and the final purpose.

Models of metal shelves

The collection of metal shelves suggested by Tecnotelai offers many solutions for each location and purpose:

  • Pallet rack metal shelves
    Pallet rack metal shelves are entirely made of first grade 3.1 certified cold-profiled steel with galvanized steel in accordance with the SENDZIMIR process.
    Thanks to the grown experience and to the dynamic research, Tecnotelai manufactures modern pallet rack metal shelves, out coming from many years of surveys and tests. Pallet rack metal shelf allow the construction of particular structures that cannot be realized with traditional shelves. Pallet rack metal shelves are available in two versions with different capacities. The application of these shelves depends on an accurate analysis of the place where they will be placed to establish the best solution to grant work place security.
    There are many accessorizes for pallet rack shelves: pallet buffer, yellow upright buffer, shelves for battens and cross-pieces.

  • Heavy metal shelves and tyre racks
    Heavy metal shelves and tyre racks are particularly suitable for the storage of heavy and voluminous materials; but you cannot use them as pallet racks.
    Components of all high-capacity metal shelves are cold-profiled steel with galvanized steel in accordance with the SENDZIMIR process, except of security hooks and metal bases which are protected with zinc plating.
    The planning of high-capacity metal shelves of Tecnotelai have passed the tests at the highest level and was carried out according to UNI standards norms.

  • Middle-light metal shelves
    There are various models of middle-light metal shelves.
    Micro-mini-maxi metal shelves, entirely made of certified and cold-profiled steel sheet with galvanized steel. Their main characteristic is to be fully interlocking. The three versions are compatibles with each other and easy to be installed, allowing fast enlargements and changes. Micro-mini-maxi metal shelves have been approved by TÜV-GS to guarantee quality and safety.
    Another model of metal shelves galvanized-coated. Modular, solid and flexible, made of 3.1 certified and cold-profiled steel sheet, these metal shelves can satisfy each storage and archiving need.
    Galvanized coated metal shelves are manufactured with fully automated machinery and equipment. The special shape of shelves, made without any welding point, allows for continuity of usable area avoiding slots between one shelf and another. The movable reinforcements allow to increase the capacity of shelves.
    Finally, bolt metal shelves made of first steel and cold profiled, can be equipped with sliding drawers.

  • Inox bolt metal shelves
    Inox box metal shelves are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. They consist of Inox bolt metal shelves, made of stainless steel AISI 304, and metal shelves for food, made of first grade galvanized steel and coated on both sides with non-toxic PVC certified by ARPA Milan.

  • Cantilever
    Tecnotelai manufactures three models of cantilever.
    Light cantilever is a metal shelf suitable for the storage of long materials not particularly heavy. This metal shelf allow the storage of voluminous materials with different structures. Columns and shelves are colour blue RAL 5010, while shelves are grey RAL 7038. Crosses and accessorizes are galvanized.
    Cantilever IPE 90-120 are self-supporting metal shelves suitable for the storage of long materials such as pipes, bars, sections, sheets in packs, coils, timber and particleboard in general. Available in two arrangements with different capacities, allows the construction of warehouses designed for specific needs. These cantilever can be red RAL 3000 for the columns and yellow RAL 1004 for the shelves. The characteristics of cantilever 102-152, are similar to the ones of light shelves and IPE 90-120, due to the versatility and the storage end use. In this case columns and crosses are blue RAL 5015 while the shelves are yellow RAL 1004.

  • Racks
    Rack are metal shelves self-supporting suitable for vertical storage of metal rods, sections, wooden boards, etc… They are entirely made of certified original 3.1 steel and profiled with automated machines and equipment. Oven coated with epoxy powder.