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Task chairs

Task chairs

Tecnotelai, always careful to customer needs, suggests a wide choice of task chairs for industrial and office employment. Thanks to the rigorously Made in Italy production, the Company realize innovative, functional and well-finished task chairs. Task chairs are available in different models and with a wide range of finishes, without compromises in materials and processes.

Models of operative chairs

With different models and finishes, task chairs of Tecnotelai have a wide employment in office and industrial branch.
Task chairs are divided in various lines with stars and constellations‘ names: task chairs Andromeda and Vega, specifically thought for the office; Beta, Gemma and Antares which include directional and workspace task chairs and industrial task chairs.

  • Task chair Beta
    A task chair with a simple style, but suitable for different spaces. It can be with or without arms.
    The seat is realized in wood agglomerate while back and under seat of this task chair are made with reinforced polypropylene, as the arms.
    The upholstery is in Class 1 fire-resistant and the chair is offered in 3 colours: black, red and blue. Ergonomic, comfortable and swivelling, the task chair Beta with height adjustment seat back is equipped with 5 rubberised auto-brake wheels and a gas lift system that guarantees a very easy control.

  • Task chair Vega
    The task chair Vega is available in 4 principal models: the task chair with wheels and arms, the task chair with wheels and without arms, the fix cantilever task chair and the fix cantilever task chair without arms.
    The colours of chairs Vega are orange, blue, black and green, all with 100% fire-resistant material.
    The seat of task chair Vega is made of shaped wood to grant an high ergonomic which inspire the best position for the operator’s body with its sinuous forms. Back and under seat are made of polypropylene. The filling is polyurethane high density which give softness and comfort.
    The swivelling base of task chair Vega is equipped with 5 rubberised auto-brake wheels and the solid base is in black epoxy powder painted steel tube.

  • Task chair Gemma
    The task chair Gemma is offered in two versions: with and without wheels.
    It is different from other task chairs for the arms with round shape. More than fire-resistant fabric and available in five different versions, this chair is realized also with black ecoleather upholstery (65% polyester and 35% cotton). The seat is made with beech plywood for variants with black coloured frames and in polypropylene for variants with grey coloured frames. The seat back and under seat of task chairs Gemma are in black or grey polypropylene depending on the model and also the arms. The swivel base is equipped with black polyamide with rubberised wheels for variants with black coloured frame while task chairs with grey coloured frame have grey polyamide with plastic wheels. Task chairs Gemma have a high adjusting seat back.

  • Task chair Antares
    Task chair Antares is available in 2 models: with high or medium seat back, both with or without arms according to customer preference.
    It is a task chair with filling in non-deformable expanded polyurethane, with class 1 fire-resistant upholstery or in black ecoleather (83% PVC and 17% synthetic).
    This swivel chair has a high seat back with height adjustment and permanent contact with stopper in all positions. Wheels are rubberised for an optimal movement efficiency.

  • Task chair Andromeda
    A refined and valued style mark task chairs Andromeda. This model of chair is realized with height and medium seat back, to satisfy better customer needs. The seat cover is in fire-resistant polyurethane available in three colours: orange, black and red.
    This task chair has a solid structure of the seat in plywood with filling in non-deformable expanded fire-resistant polyurethane. The seat back has a metal frame upholstered in black mesh fabric. It is more complete than other models of task chairs. Andromeda is equipped with up and down system, armrests and syncro motion with anti-shock and locking lever in all positions.