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Warehouse trolleys

Warehouse trolleys

The range of warehouse trolleys realized by Tecnotelai is made of adaptable and functional items. With its production of warehouse trolleys, Tecnotelai is always with its clients, suggesting the best efficiency inside working spaces.
Warehouse trolleys are offered in various models depending on their application and have a wide multiplicity of arrangements and sizes.
Trolleys are suitable for company warehouses and also for enterprises as metalware stores, technical items retailers, manufacturing companies.

Warehouse trolleys models

Warehouse trolleys are divided in four main categories which offer different products to comply better with their employment.

Specific trolleys for warehouses

The models of warehouse trolleys are different for structures, characteristics, functionality and dimensions:

  • Warehouse trolleys with demountable handles pressed shaped and reinforced metal platform, available in two sizes and, consequently, two capacities.

  • Galvanized warehouse trolleys with folding handles and pull-out structural extensions. These warehouse trolleys are made in an open version and with a galvanized metal cover 8/10.

  • Demountable warehouse trolleys with self-locking small ladder. Shelves in metal, gauge 20/10, moulded and pressed and ladder in structural steel.

  • Warehouse miniature and crate carrier trolleys.

  • Warehouse trolleys with demountable edges. The number of edges of warehouse trolleys can be one or two; furthermore you can choose the configuration with two demountable and two removable edges that create a warehouse trolley closed in four sides. All equipped with four wheels, available in different dimensions and capacities. The edges of warehouse trolleys are made of tube and grid of electro-welded mesh.

  • Warehouse trolleys demountable with detachable shelves.
    Made of first grade steel moulded and tube diameter 28 mm. and th. 1.5 mm. These warehouse trolleys can be equipped with detachable shelves and electro-welded edges. 4 wheels, two fixed and two swivelling.

Warehouse trolleys with trays

Warehouse trolleys with trays can be divided in three classes: one-piece structure trolleys, demountable trolleys and tool-holder trolleys for adjusting:

  • One-piece warehouse trolleys with trays. Made of first grade steel moulded, shaped and fitted with wheels with solid rubber ring and galvanized disc. They are offered in blue RAL 5015 and in different dimensions and configurations.

  • Demountable warehouse trolleys with trays. Made of first grade steel moulded, shaped and fitted with wheels with solid rubber ring and galvanized disc. The trolleys with demountable trays can be equipped with a drawer and one chest between the two trays, both equipped with a lock.

  • Demountable tool holders trolleys for adjusting.
    These warehouse trolleys are equipped with an upper tool holder with two sliding covers and oil-resistant rubber, with lock.

Vertical warehouse trolleys

Tecnotelai manufactures a complete range of vertical trolleys, specifically studied to optimize the performance and the functionality of activities inside the warehouse but not only: with wagon, galvanized, heavy for forwarders, for ladders with six wheels, drum carrier, crate carrier etc…
Each one of these trolleys is designed in every detail for each specific employment. For example, the drum carrier trolley with locking device is ideal for parking and unloading, or the trolley “3 versions” can be settled up depending on the situation where it is used.

Trolleys for mechanic’s workshop

Warehouse trolleys for mechanic’s workshop are equipped with pneumatic cushion tyres that cannot be drilled and don’t need to be blown up. These trolleys are used as cylinder holder trolleys and are available in various dimensions, with one tool holder drawer which is demountable in some models.